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22 January 2009


Golden Oak Australia Argentina Medium Dry White 05:33 L 8290

$2.50/litre; 9.5% alcohol; bladder pack; 68 points

Alarmingly fizzy when poured (from a chrome handbag) this wine has obviously used all that soluble CO2 to maintain its bright fruity freshness.
It smells like fresh white grapes – doradillo maybe, like Petaluma has on its labels – with a dusty whiff of the desert about them. Can’t blame that on the cork, eh, Portugal? Maybe a little plastic, but it’s not overt with polyvinyl chloride, which is a mercy. It does show a squirt of some cosmetic, adding to its quality. The palate tastes like a glass of sugary water with a dash of impossibly fresh grape juice – about as sweet as what we used to call spatlese riesling in the ’70s and ’80s. Mother’s Little Helper. While there’s no vintage date, there IS a batch number in fine print on top of the box. So if you get another batch number, it’s not the wine I tasted here. Not too bad, really: fault-free, but cleverly concocted to the price, cheaper than imported bottled water, and sweet! Go for it! PS: Try it with ice and soda in a long tumbler, and a sprig of mint. BWS.

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