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23 June 2009


King River Estate King Valley Lagrein 2008
$??; 14.5% alcohol; diam cork; tasted 22-23 June 09; 92++ points
I suppose if you really carried a vine from Tyrolean Italy to the flat, sunbaked, humid country at the northern foot of the Australian Alps, you would expect it to ripen more, well, abruptly, in its new home, in spite of the forty inch, er, rainfall. This reminds me a little of tempranillo - something to do with those bootpolish turpenes - but it has much more perfume and heady scent than nearly all the tempranillos. Remember the tobacconist lass with the fluffy jumper and the forty, er, inch, each, mammaries who stuck the kid Fellini's head up her jumper for perving on her in Armacord? She nearly suffocated him! This smells like the strip of bed between her and her bay-rummed, tobaccoed and piquantly sweaty lovers, when she's gone home and quit torturing the little boys. But while it's so opulently seductive, if forceful, I suspect it'll chill a little once it gets on the treadmill and the climber. If if ever does. I can't ever tell with girls like this.

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