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22 August 2008


Osborne Manzanilla Fina Jerez Sherry

$20; 15% alcohol; screw cap; 93 points

Sanlucar De Barremeda is a town on the southern Spanish coast, where the fino sherry has slightly higher acidity and lower alcohol, perhaps due to the higher maritime humidity which floods the bodegas there. You get spritely wines like this: fortified, but lower in alcohol than many Australian dry reds; perfectly fruity when fresh, but with the influence of the nutty fino yeast, more dry and savoury than ordinary whites; and showing what I affectionately call the kelp aspect, like the bracing, refreshing, dimethylsulphide aroma of the sea beach. Just perfect, chilled, with pecorino Romana, good Parmesan, and olives. Vintage Cellars; Liquorland

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