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23 September 2008


Kurtz Family Siebenschlafer Barossa 2005

$??; 14% alcohol; screw cap; 91+ points

There are six red varieties here: why the Kurtzes called it Seven Sleepers beats me. They reckon the June 27th weather determines the following seven weeks, so you’d reckon they could have put just one more variety in there for peace in the valley. Maybe somebody died, or should, or they’re big on schadenfreude, or both. It smells like the oil you put on post and rail fences - might be the petit verdot. And it tastes like Dominique Portet’s Heathcote Cabernet 2005, which is delicious posh booze from the Victorian highlands made by a Frenchman. This is more elegant. Blood pudding, kassler, etc.

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