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22 August 2008


Coriole Vineyards McLaren Vale Fiano 2007

$??; 13% alcohol; screw cap; 92 points

Ditter’s has a mix of dried apricot, apple and nuts that smells like this. Cashew and hazelnut, in this case. Fiano is the white grape of Italy’s Campagna, which means Champagne in French, or wide open spaces, which we’ve got more of than any of them. It’s an oozy, syrupy tincture. Fluffy at the top, slimy at the bottom. Cucumber and zucchini flavours as much as honeydew and bosc pear. Long, gelatinous, luxurious, disarming but not complex in, say, a big woody chardonnay sense. It’s a bit like eating watermelon. Eat, drink, wash your face, all at once. Too easy. Visit Coriole, take a table, and try a bottle with their knockout cheese.

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